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Solar Supply & Electrical Installation

Solar Supply & Electrical Installation

Alabama General’s experience in solar power installation is exceptional. We provide professional solar installation services for industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes

We offer special solar solutions for both urban and rural development. For urban areas, we provide Building Integrated Photovoltaic (B IPV), LED traffic lights, and utility interactive net-metered pave systems. In rural areas, we offer electrification projects, wind energy systems, water pumping and treatment, and livestock watering. Our services have been essential for farmers, thanks to our affordable solar irrigation pumps and solar water pumps for cattle dams during dry seasons. Many rural residents have benefited from our electrification scheme, which has enabled them to acquire solar power for domestic use

We procure and install solar power equipment for government premises and projects, industries, commercial and residential establishments, health and education centers, as well as private residential homes. With a qualified team of engineers, we take exceptional pride in all our work from preliminary design through permitting, installation, inspection, and commissioning

We do general domestic and commercial electrical installation and wiring of homes,
buildings,generatorsandgeneralmaintenance.Weinstallandmaintain intercom systems,
electric fences, CCTV security cameras, biometric fingerprint readers and other electrical

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