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Real Estate Management

Real Estate Management

South Sudan being one of the youngest countries in the world, most of its housing infrastructure is under developed. And in order to have a more organized and planned Housing setting for the country, It requires the deployment of qualified personnel in the housing and real estate management sector,thus Alibama Company

Alabama General has a team of qualified surveyors, house planners, designers, conveyance legal and technical experts, and structural engineers with vast knowledge of South Sudan in terms of soil, weather, and local cultural setting. With all of this exceptional knowledge, we can assure perfect results no matter the ambiguity of the project

We provide our services to government organizations, corporate entities, and social sectors such as education and health, as well as foreign investors, commercial private companies, and individuals. We also offer special assistance to South Sudan nationals in the diaspora for better investment plans in the real estate sector. Our full suite of site acquisition services includes site surveys, landlord negotiations, permit handling (including council and land board approvals), environmental impact assessments, civil authority approvals, lease agreements, cable trenching, and power access way leaves

We provide managerial and structural maintenance services for government ministerial premises, social public structures such as health centers and educational centers, business complexes, as well as commercial private establishments. With Alibama General, you can trust that we always adhere to the highest standards of ethical transparency in every aspect of our dealings

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